The Troll Hunters Season 3

It’s the third Friday of the year. There’s nothing really special about today except the fact that I was able to finish Season 2 of The Troll Hunters. Huh! Yes, I still have the child in me. I am looking forward to Netflix’ Season 3 of The Troll Hunters.

There’s something about this animated series, it kept stress away. That’s my personal opinion. But if you don’t appreciate cartoons as much as I do, I doubt that you will like the film. But hey, everyone has that child within. Besides, all of us had been a child once upon a time.

After watching Season 2 of Stranger Things which is by far still my favorite, this series has become my second favorite. And just like Stranger Things, this series is a child thing. And I am not really sure what brings me to like anything child-like but perhaps it relates to a lot of things I have not enjoyed during my childhood.

If you haven’t watched The Troll Hunters yet, look for it at Netflix. There are tons of movies you can find, old and new. You may want to watch “13 Reasons Why” too.

To all virtual assistants, whether you are SEO specialists or a General VA, have a wonderful Friday. Looking forward to the weekend break.

Best, MIKO

Update: Finally watched Troll Hunters 3… See Netflix. hahaha… I should have updated this months ago.


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