So Many To Do But Less Time


It’s another Thursday morning. I am filled with tons and tons of things to do. The holidays really do have an aftermath. After all the fun comes all the work that’s piled up during the holiday season.

My list goes on and on and I seem to have less and less time to do everything at once. Even the infamous Promodoro Technique is not helping me at the moment. I’m a mess and I know I am.

But look at me, as I type these words, I am actually pondering over things that have should have been or should have not been, pondering over work that seems to pile up every minute. My thoughts push me to work…

Gather your thoughts, Michelle. You will have the time, you will finish everything soon. And when it’s done, it’s back to normal…

What an inspiration! Well, good luck to me and to all working moms at home who, just like me, have piled up tasks in their desks.


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