Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts….

I’ve been pondering on the days that passed.

Last two Sundays ago, I fell from  my cousin’s yard, along the steep way going to my place. This happened while carrying my 5-year old grandson. I broke my left foot. I am in real pain to this day.

Last Friday, there was a big thing between employer-employee relationship that big decisions has to be made. No need to elaborate. But yeah it was not a good thing.

Monday, I resigned after deliberating on the weekend. I have given it so much thought. I know I need this job, but I also need more than an 8 hour job. It was a big step.

Tuesday, Wednesday – I still have existing clients to work with. So I poured myself to work.

Today, Thursday. I feel that kind of depression after looking at my books. But I know what I did is for the best.

As a working mom at home, I have fears. I worry a lot even if there’s nothing to really worry about. But at the back of my head, there are ghosts that can’t just go away. I’d like to start something new but I really don’t know where to start fearing that some things may go wrong.

Have I lost self confidence? I don’t know. Maybe yes, maybe no. When I was younger, it seems that I am full of self confidence. But when I started working at home, I kept a lot of things to myself. I hardly go out. And often times, when I do go out, there are lot of new things.

Funny, even with an aching left foot, my husband drove me to Portavaga (it’s a mall in our city located at the heart of Session Road). He dropped me off at the entrance by the Cathedral. To my surprise, the old Puso ng Baguio is now merged with Portavaga.

Am I from Baguio or not? Sometimes, working at home has its downside and this is one of its downside. But today, I have more freedom considering that I only have three clients to work for without the monster boss breathing behind the neck.

I resumed article writing. Right now, I have two writers working with me to get things done. And I sure love their work. It’s well researched and they deliver on time.

Good luck to us writers!




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