Some Sentiments Not Worth Sharing!

Okay, I think my brain is draining too fast. Need to finish one thing after the other but took time to write this just to relieve some of the stress of too much mind work. Anyway, I cut my fingers today. I hate the new vegetable cutter. It sliced through the tip of my finger and left me with pain.

Just as the pain bites to the bone and throbbing like it has a heart of  its own, it is nothing compared to the emotional pain I endure from day to day. I don’t have to list the pain one by one. I am sure you have your own pains too.

I just can’t drop a line or two that will cause chaos in the future. So what’s the best thing to do? Deprive myself of the freedom? call it sacrifice, I call it suicide. So here I am writing my sentiments in WordPress that hopefully will remain private in my blog. hahaha. as if naman magiging private ito after maipublish not unless it remains in draft.

Okay… I will end here. And as I have mentioned earlier. This will remain in my drafts. You don’t care anyway what I wrote about.



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