Doodling Doodles

While everyone is praised with great drawing as a work of art, doodles stay behind the shadows of drawings. But isn’t it that doodles are the beginnings of drawings? I remember doodling my way in class when the teacher becomes too boring. Or doodling my way until a lecture is done.

Candy Candy

A girl with big curls, big eyes, small button nose, and small face, those you see from Japanese Animaes during our time. Candy-candy and Run-run the balloon girl are two of my favorite cartoons back then. So I doodle them out and dress them up the modern way, something fashionable in a sense.



Fashion Doodle

Here is a fashion doodle that caught my eye. I found it in Deviant Art done by alias amyanimalover. It mimics exactly what I do in my elementary to high school years. Although I don’t doodle so much anymore in my adult years (too little time to doodle), I love seeing these types of doodles. It gives some kind of calmness even for just a little while.


Funny Comics’ Nik Nok Manok

Another one of my favorite doodles in my elementary years is Nik Nok Manok. Do you still remember NikNok Manook? If you spent your elementary years in the 80’s, you should be familiar with Funny Komiks. They used to feature Nik Nok manok. I don’t have a copy of those Komiks anymore, but I was able to google out a copy.


How to Doodle

Doodles are now accepted as part of visual art. This fact gives chance to small doodles, no matter how they are drawn to be featured one way or the other. So if you’ve kept a doodle and it’s already part of history, it’s nice to show it to the world. Feature it in a blog and make a little presence. Well, that’s just a thought but a nice thing to do.


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