A Round Trip

A Round Trip To Mandaluyong

On February 12, my husband agreed to drive for El Garage Studios to pick their model from Tivoli Garden. There were some change of plans that Topper, my cousin-in-law wouldn’t be able to accompany my husband. So I ended up at the front seat of the car. My role? Well, to keep my husband awake :).

We left Baguio going to Manila at 11:30pm and reached NCLEX at around 2am. While my husband’s driving, I took a few random pictures. Since it was night time, my camera captured cool lights along the road. The lights were like dancing caught in still camera. I am new to DSLR cameras so I don’t really know all the settings and stuff so this is a great thing for me.


Looking for somewhere to eat in the middle of NCLEX


We haven’t had a single bite for dinner since we left Baguio so naturally our stomachs were rumbling like crazy. So we decided to look for somewhere to eat along the highway. Unfortunately, we had something to eat only when we were nearing Balintawak. McDonald’s and KFC were open. We drove through McDonald’s and got ourselves burgers and coke.

Tivoli Garden

We reached Tivoli Garden at around 3:15am. The guards at the main gate were courteous. We headed to the lobby but decided to wait inside the car. We have to wait for 20 minutes. While waiting, my husband had fun taking pictures.

Finally, the Brazillian model showed up whose name I later found out to be Samara Santana (Thanks Pao). She’s so pretty and young (I suddenly had that rush flow of **”shy mango” syndrome). Surprisingly, she can hardly speak English. But she was friendly. I asked her how long she was in the Philippines and she said just 2 weeks. She’s signed up with an agency here.

**Shy mango – In English it means “Because I am shy”. Shy is English and “mango” is supposed to be an Ibaloi term which could be an expression. Not so versed with the local language, but yeah. It’s a phrase used to tease Ibalois because they are shy by nature. Note that I am an Ibaloi :).

My husband was trying his best to keep the conversation until eventually Sam grew sleepy and slept her way through the drive back to Baguio.

Experiencing Sunrise While On The Road

On our way home, I took pictures of the sun about to rise. It’s a splendid moment for me, on the road and witnessing the sun rise (it could have been better if we were driving near the sea shore but it’s still all good).


We arrived home at 8am. Sam finally woke up at Camp 1 Kennon Road. So we continue to chat and keep the conversation going. She’s only 22, and she had been modeling since 18. I think she stands about 6ft tall. She’s actually towering over me and my husband.

Meet Samaria and a few proofs from her photo shoot with El Garage Studios

Sam, Vester, and I at Kitma
We just arrived, haggard looking but still cool
Sam after make-up by Paolo Carantes. Borrowed images from Paolo too.

A sneak preview of El Garage’s wedding themed styled shoot. 🙂
Photography | eL Garahe Studios
Wardrobe | Harvic Dominguez
Make-up | Paolo Carantes San Juan
Hair | Dianne Joie Alcantara
Bouquet | Efren Bacawat
Styling | StylingbyZsasha&Jun

Thank you for reading my small adventure.

Till my next blog – The Home Writer



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