Come To Baguio, Come Home To Villa Cordillera

It’s More Than Just A Villa

villa cordillera, the other office
Come to Baguio, Come to Villa Cordillera, Wine and Dine at the Other Office.

Villa Cordillera is one of the places I consider comfy and homey. It is located at the suburbs of Baguio. It’s just a few minutes away from Baguio Country Club. The villa has a cabin-like feeling because of the thick picket of pine trees. The Villa is just perfect, not too small nor too big to call home away from home.

At Villa Cordillera, you can take a moment to relax, put your feet up high on a stool, and feel the pine breeze brush your cheek. 

The Other Office – Villa Cordillera


We arrived on a Sunday morning, just in time for breakfast buffet.  At the Villa’s ground floor is The Other Office – where WiFi and good food are at. I had a taste of the well known raisin bread of Baguio Country Club (really scrumptious). If you haven’t had a taste of this bread yet, you are missing half of your trip (not unless if you prefer strawberry jam above everything else).

I had two cups of brewed coffee (yeah I know it’s bad for an aging woman like me), fried rice, omelet, and a few slices of bread (that’s too much for a tiny woman like me 🙂).


Breakfast was not just enough. Their menu at lunch was even better. We had paella, bulalo, corned beef (i forgot how they call the dish, but it’s really yummy), kilawen, breaded pork chop, and  some pizza too.

My personal favorite was the bulalo and the kilawen. All dishes were cooked to perfection.

Live Band and Cocktails in the evening

Watch out for more. They have cocktails and live band in the evening. And while everyone’s snoozing or just waiting around, they have the recreation room. There’s billiards and darts that guests are welcome to play.

The Rooms

There’s a total of 8 rooms at Villa Cordillera. We took the Rose at the Upper Basement which can sleep 6 – 8 people. It has 6 beds, TV, shower, toilet, and a spacious closet.

I had great fun with this weekend’s get away. Villa Cordillera has great staff, great people, and warm accommodation. I personally give it five stars.

They are located at:

#6 Outlook Drive, Baguio City,
Philippines, 2600

Tel. No. (63-74) 442-60-36

Check out Google maps:

Experience the real feel of Baguio:

Your home amidst the city

Photo Credits to: Shemen Padua
Special Credits to: The Other Bloggers


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