Brunch Menu, Spare Ribs, and Breakfast Beer at Baguio Craft Brewery

BCB logo

The weekend before Christmas was a great experience. I had the chance to be among the privileged firsts to experience Baguio Craft Brewery’s brunch buffet (thank you BCB for the invite). They served bread, pancakes, fried rice, dinanggit, local and imported sausages, boiled eggs, green salad, and fruits. I filled my plate with a little of everything to have a taste of everything. The green salad won first place to my liking and became my instant favorite.


Who wants beer in the morning?

After a lovely brunch, we ordered their introductory breakfast beer with 4% alcohol content. It is unusual to have beer in the morning, but at Baguio Craft Brewery, they serve Breakfast Beer that has only 4% alcohol content. It comes in varied flavors and they highly recommend the Misty Mountain. The beer was mild to the taste and perfect for an after meal drink. I actually had two orders and enjoyed it.

beer goodness.jpg

Spare Ribs anyone?

If you love grilled spare ribs, you will love the Brewery’s Spare Ribs platter, served with shrimps, sweet corn, and green salad. For the record – I love their greens. The dressing is just right and perfect for those who enjoy a balsamic taste. They have big servings good for 7 people. Just right for the whole gang.


English Muffin Pulled Pork

You’ve got to try this. A bite will have you wanting for more. It’s an English muffin bread topped with yogurt dressing. It’s just yummy that I have to have more.


Visit Baguio City

Baguio City is located at the northern part of the Philippines, 4 hours drive from the capital, Manila. Baguio is also known as the “City of Pines”. The weather is unusually cold despite being located in a tropical country. There are lots of good places to check out in Baguio such as Burnham Park, Mines View, Camp Johnhay, and busy Session Road where the heart of the city is.


Experience the Taste of Beer Goodness

Baguio Craft Brewery is located at RKC Building, 120 Marcos Hwy, Brgy. Bakakeng Central, Baguio City.


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