Sir Chef at Red Rustikz


I am Storyteller

Bonjour!Nothing is as good as a rock star than a chef that rocks in the kitchen… It was a truly delish dinner at Red Rustikz to watch Chef Christian and his staff at work in their open kitchen – it’s satisfying to all senses to see how every meal comes together and be amazed at how everyone in the kitchen whips up every plate together like watching a perfectly choreographed dance + the aroma!…

Ribs that are seared-grilled-baked for six hours are definitely the best ribs in town!

They create their own pasta you just have to try it to know how it melts differently in your mouth. Ravioli with mozzarella and signature house ricotta… Red Rustikz House Burger with the perfectly melted cheese… Yes! Pasta and cheese is definitely love in this cucina!

This restaurant knows that the flavors of life are in the details; old-time turntables spinning music…

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