Beautiful Faces of the Cordillera

Lola Agaman Mutua

Lola Agaman Mutua

My grandmother from the province of Bokyawan, Hungduan, Ifugao. Date of birth is unknown. However according to calculations, it was estimated that Lola Agaman is in her early 80s. In this photo capture, she sits at the backyard, enjoying the soft blow of the cold wind, as she chews her “momma”, dipping her fingers to her palmful of  lime or “apog”.

**momma (nganga) – also called betel nut, a combination of lime, areca nut, tobacco leaves and “gawed” leaves. Chewed by the natives of Ifugao, using saliva as the main solvent to produce a reddish color upon spitting. A common effect of chewing makes the body physically warm and the mind mentally active to be more humorous and “philosophous” making the Ifugaos jolly and common jokers.

Special thanks to Jokits for the knowledgeable information for all the Filipinos and the entire globe to know towards a better future and more productive people.


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