The Artist Fang-od of Kalinga: Deserves to be recognized as a National Artist

Wang-od (Fang-od), the last Kalinga tattoo artist, deserve(s) to be recognized as a National Artist.

This post is taken from Facebook courtesy of Be Brave. The Legacy of Fang-od should be passed on. Tattooing is an art, it is a way of expression. It may be odd to others but we are raised by different cultures. And Kalinga’s culture and tradition is so unique that there should be ways to preserve it.

Here is a comment that I found very interesting and informative:

Wan Asen: This kind of tattoo is very popular in the Cordillera or to the Igorots especially to the Kalingas of Kalinga and the Balangao of Mt. Province. This kind of tattoo can only be given to a person who killed a FUSOR or enemy during tribal wars or even during World War II. Those individuals accorded with this kind of tattoo are called PANGAT in local dialect which means WARRIOR or WAR LEADER.


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