What Should You Have At Your Desk?

A Response To “9 Items You Should Always Have at Your Desk—No Matter What” by Jennie Maiers


In a newsletter I received from The Daily Muse, I found Jenni Maier’s post interesting as I can relate to it. She wrote “9 Items You Should Always Have at Your Desk—No Matter What“. I found all these 9 items necessary, LOL. But there are a few things that Jenni has not included which are a few of the most relevant things I need at my desk.

Here are added things to Jenni’s list that I should have…

1. A small blanket.

image from diapers.com

This comes in useful especially when overtimes grew longer than the normal. It is especially handy too when the air conditioning unit is just too cold for you to tolerate.

2. A mug with cover or a thermal flask.

image from comparestoreprices.co.uk

Coffee is evitable in an office set up. And it most evitable in those holy hours after lunch. You will definitely need that cup of coffee.

3. A body spray.

Bath and Body Works image from midgetmomma.com

While Jennie wrote deodorant (LOL), I like body spray better. It refreshes me after lunch break and even before heading the road home.

4. A rubbing alcohol (75%).

Green Cross Alcohol Image from grocerydelivery.com.ph

Having a rubbing alcohol around is a great way to keep your hands, your table, your keyboard and other stuff clean. Along with it, I have extra cotton balls to clean my keyboard and headset when needed. Comes in handy too especially after coming out of the toilet.

5. Kleenex or wipes.

Kleenex image from bloomberg.com

I always have this on my desk. It comes in handy when you need to clean your hands. Or when water is not available or when the wash room is just filled with people.

All these plus some of those Jennie mentioned, (food tops it all, LOL) should be present at my desk.  What about you? What must be in your desk that you can’t do without?


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