The White House of Baguio

white-houseBaguio City had always been the favorite of TV producers and directors to film movies about spirits and paranormal events. The White House is one of their fave spots. Stories say that the house is swarming with restless spirits. Taxi drivers, security guards and passers by said they have seen curious entities peeking from the windows of the house. These are just rumors spreading but it remains a mystery.

Fact is that this house was owned by the Laperal family and was previously bought by Lucio Tan in 2007. The house is now converted into a bamboo gallery with an entrance fee of fifty pesos. Even after renovation, there is still that eerie atmosphere that envelopes the entire house.

Do you want to know more about The White House in Baguio? Doon Po Sa Amin has recently featured an article: 5 Things About the Laperal White House of Baguio.


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