The Floating Uros Islands of Lake Titicaca, Peru


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The Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca are man-made islands that are built by the local Uros people out of totora reeds that naturally flourish along the west bank of the lake near the modern village of Puno. The Uros people build these islands and live on them exclusively as they live their lives in a basic and traditional fashion.

Titicaca MapVintage Horizontal Bar16The Uros people live completely from the lake itself, fishing and collecting eggs for food and building whatever else they need from what the lake gives to them including the reeds, driftwood, sand and rocks and other flotsam. Expert craftsmen, the Uros make a variety of goods from reeds and wood including their homes, boats and the islands themselves.


Reed Dragon Boats of the Uros

As fishing is one of the main toils of the Uros, they take exceptional care in the craftsmanship of their reed boats, often adorning the curled…

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