Sugar – Brief History

Let’s understand sugar and its origin


Brief Background of the Origins of Sugar

As you use a teaspoon of sugar to sweeten your coffee, have you ever wondered where this tiny crystals of sugar coming from? Sugar is manufactured from sugar cane or from sugar beets. You can trace back the manufacture of sugar in Western Europe when sugar cane is introduced even before the 16th century in Polynesia.

It was believed that the first sugar cane had its origins from India in 5th century during the time of Persia’s Emperor Darius. He discovered the plant and eventually shared it throughout the Arabic nation.

It was only when the Crusades had contact with the Arabic nation that sugar was introduced to the European nation. It was called the new ‘’spice’’ and was afforded only to the extremely rich people.

During the travels of Columbus, sugar cane was intoduced to the Caribbean and discovered that the plant has a liking to the Caribbean weather. There was since a rise in the plantation that lead to the establishment of plantations in the country. It was also during this time that the refining process was discovered and introduced.

In Britain, over 100 sugar refineries were established during the 18th century, however regardless of the growth of refineries in the country, the price of sugar as remained expensive and maintained to be available only to those who can afford. While the rich gets accustomed to the use of refined sugar, the average household maintained honey as their daily sweetener.

Sugar has risen in its availability through the discovery of sugar beet.In 19th century, Europe has produced most of its sugar from beets accounting to its wide availability in the land. 30% of sugar today is manufactured from beets and 70% from cane. Sugar cane tend to grow in tropical places while beets are grown in cooler places such as Canada and Western Europe.

According to records, sugar in America is regularly produced from cane grown sourcing from Florida or Hawaii. In the Northwestern Europe, sugar seem to be more produced from beets up to the present. In account, the Irish region has favored beets more than cane for sugar sources.

Even as the source of sugar is rooted from natural sources, sugar has been tagged as bad for the health. It is during the process of refinery that sugar tends to lose its natural nutrients and thus creates what is called bad sugar.


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