The Saturday That Was…

pics from
pics from

I woke up with a heavy head… literally that is.

There was too much drinking last night. 9 bottles of beer was just too much for me. The conversation we had with my cousins was something out of the blue that lasted from noon till midnight. It was the Friday fever.

The day started slugish, trying my best to get my butt moving on regular chores. My husband left for an appointment, my daughter went off to school. Now, I’m alone at home trying to focus on work. But my mind wonders and can’t just get my head to think straight. But I have to get myself writing as there are deadlines to meet.

An aspirin would help take off the throbbing pain but a heavy weight can’t be resolved. A warm bath didn’t help. I just feel so hangoverish.

Our kitchen sink was filled with dishes to wash and there seems to be a sudden fear of soap and water building up within me. Those dishes will be done later. For now off to my computer, off to work.


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