Making A Simple Post Of Quotes More Attractive

I was challenged to be creative on posting sayings and quotes. Normally, I would research about a quote and post it without further edits. So I used my resources, researched and started to come up with something out of creativity.

Of course, I borrowed some ideas that I got from Google and Pinterest. And these borrowed ideas are indeed very helpful. Below are two samples I have created out of readily available resources such as Microsoft word, Infranview and

1.This photo image below was created with the use of Microsoft word document. And with the help of infranview, captured the final result and crop. The watermark image of a woman was all through the help of word document.


2. This is all done through the help of PicMonkey, a free online photo editor that allows you to use their tools to be more creative with your work. I especially like using their tool to insert text messages which really made it easy for me to come up with this “masterpiece”.


There are a lot of cools things that a middle aged woman like me is yet to learn. The internet is full of ideas and tools that one can play and have fun with, it gives an opportunity to learn and develop skills unimaginable.


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